Chart Art: Trend and Retracement Trades for USD/CAD and EUR/GBP


No forex exchanges yet today? Forget about it! Look at the uptrend framing on USD/CAD and a conceivable long haul retracement poppin’ up on EUR/GBP’s outline!

USD/CAD: 60 minutes

USD/CAD 1-hour Forex ChartUSD/CAD 1-hour Forex Chart

Is USD/CAD turning a corner nowadays? The combine has stopped its downtrend in the wake of discovering support at the 1.2050 territory and it would appear that it’s shaping a little rising channel on the 1-hour time span.

The combine is as of now bolstered by the 1.2150 MiPs, which is correct smack at the rising channel AND 100 SMA bolster. Furthermore, stochastic is chillin’ like a reprobate on the oversold region!

Purchasing at current levels could get you a pip or two (or a hundred) on the off chance that you surmise that the Greenback would return to its past highs almost 1.2250. In the event that you’d rather purchase the Loonie, however, at that point you could likewise sit tight for the match to break beneath the channel support and go for the 1.2050 past lows.

EUR/GBP: Daily

EUR/GBP Daily Forex ChartEUR/GBP Daily Forex Chart

Here’s one for my cash cross homies out there! EUR/GBP is set out quick toward the .8770 zone, which happens to agree with a range resistance that the combine had crushed spirit toward the beginning of July.

What’s fascinating about the level is that it’s likewise around the 100 and 200 SMAs and also the half – 61.8% Fib retracement levels on the every day time allotment. Gracious, and look at stochastic hanging out at the oversold district!

Will the euro soon recapture its misfortunes against the pound? EUR/GBP presently can’t seem to fly up dithering candles, so y’all presumably have enough time to throw together you’re exchanging plans in case you’re plannin’ on purchasing the euro.

Yet, in the event that you’re not a devotee of the basic money, at that point you could likewise short at current levels and ride the euro’s death on the shorter time allotments until the point that you see the most punctual indications of a respite or rally depletion. Whichever methodology you pick, ensure you rehearse great hazard administration when you execute them!


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