Q3 2017 FX Crosses Blog Review

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It was a significant testing quarter no doubt, however I managed to arrive a couple of good punches in the previous three months. Here’s my Q3 blog execution survey.

Q3 2017 Forex Trades


July 18 NZD/CHF Double Bottom -75 -0.21

Aug 1 Potential GBP/JPY Selloff -90 -0.15

Aug 16 NZD/JPY Long-Term Ceiling 0 0

Sept 13 CAD/CHF Long-Term Triangle Not triggered Not activated

Sept 19 GBP/AUD Long-Term Floor +440 +0.53

No. of Trades Taken: 5

No. of Wins: 1

No. of Losses: 2

No. of Break Even Trades: 2

Win %: 20%

Normal Gain Per Winning Trade: +0.53%

Normal Loss Per Losing Trade: – 0.18%

Add up to P/L: +0.17%

Execution Review:

Ha! However another positive quarter… I’ll take that!

I know I ain’t precisely makin’ it rain with a measly 0.17% win for the quarter, however that is as yet a change over my past 0.015% pick up in Q2 2017 so I’m going to chalk it up as a decent one. TBH, I’m truly recently alleviated that I could end operating at a profit even with all the hurling and handing over value activity in those days!

Dissimilar to the past quarter, I was headed toward a rough begin with consecutive misfortunes on NZD/CHF and GBP/JPY. I had been gunning for swing positions on those sets, realizing that patterns more often than not take more time to pick up footing around this time however that basics tend to win out.

However, rather than being more patient in sitting tight for value activity to unfurl on these setups, I may have been excessively jittery in responding, making it impossible to each and every refresh that ended up being simple clamor. Hence, I bounced out of my positions the minute I figured an inversion may be expected, keeping me from remaining in the exchanges until the point that they in the end hit my PT… That’s correct, both NZD/CHF and Guppy hit my objectives, but a touch longer than I expected, yet would’ve been 1:1 wins!

Next up, I attempted to get the bearish energy off the long haul roof test on NZD/JPY, which I likewise escaped too soon by trailing my stop too tight. I’m 50/50 on my appraisal on how I dealt with this one since value activity truly could’ve run whichever way with North Korea making its moves in those days, however I do wish I additionally shunned freezing with this one. Had I been less receptive to here and now commotion, I might’ve rode the match down part of the way through the range and my definitive PT, getting another potential 1:1 exchange.

From that point onward, I had my eye set on the CAD/CHF uptrend pullback as this combine gave off an impression of being a strong match of solid and feeble monetary forms. Around that time, the BOC climbs were the stuff of features so I figured I’d accept circumstances for what they are. Sadly, I may have been past the point of no return in taking advantage of this pattern as cost scarcely thought back and simply continued climbing.

Furthermore, sparing the best for last, I caught my “One Good Trade” for the quarter with my long GBP/AUD position. This one played out truly well as cost climbed about relentless in the wake of bobbing off the long haul floor, and I didn’t leave any pips on the table since I set a sensible benefit focus as opposed to being excessively ravenous.

In any case, while I’m feeling fed about topping off the period with a strong pick up that enabled me to delete those prior misfortunes, I can’t resist the urge to feel somewhat disillusioned with myself since I abandoned what could’ve additionally been enormous wins.

What bums me out more is that I should’ve been more aware of this exchanging botch as I’ve effectively touched upon this in my Q2 2017 survey. Terrible Cyclopip!

On a more positive note, I am by all accounts getting the hang of swing positions with money crosses since my essential examination and exchange passage levels were very point. I simply need to make a superior showing with regards to of dealing with my open exchanges and having the capacity to distinguish which refreshes are genuine movers and which ones are recently here and now commotion.

Whatever remains of the measurements are looking blended as my win rate is impressively lower than the 62.5% I had in Q2 and 80% in Q1, yet I gotta get some brownie focuses for my normal winning exchange versus normal losing exchange, isn’t that so?

Plus, glancing back at the past lessons I’ve learned proposes that I’ve gained some ground in setting exit levels, which has been one of my feeble focuses before. I’d additionally jump at the chance to feel that, even with my watchlist setups, my specialists and fundies have been more in a state of harmony with genuine value activity.

Got some other tips for me to enhance my exchanging execution for the last extend of this current year?


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