Reflecting on My Q3 2017 Forex Performance


Much superior to my second quarter, yet regardless I endured a shot in the second from last quarter. Time for a brisk survey to see where I can progress.

Fundamental Forex Trading Stats


July 4 Consolidation Breakdown on AUD/NZD? -165 -0.50

July 19 AUD/CAD Downside Momentum +83 +0.23

July 26 NZD/JPY Range Reversal Lower? -159 -0.34

Aug 7 Upside Momentum on EUR/JPY +129 +0.38

Aug 7 GBP/AUD Downtrend Pullback 0 0

Aug 11 USD/CHF Downtrend Break -30 -0.10%

Aug 23 Divergence on EUR/NZD? -137 -0.50

Sept 1 AUD/JPY Downtrend Fib Pullback -85 -0.28

Sept 1 Fib Bounce in GBP/CAD Downtrend +245 +0.33

Sept 13 Trend Pullback on EUR/USD -58 -0.16

Sept 19 EUR/GBP Downtrend Short 0 0

Sept 28 Rising Low Break on AUD/USD +98 +0.27

Add up to Number of Trade Ideas in Q3: 12

Wins: 4

Misfortunes: 6

Breakeven/No Trade: 2

Win % (winning exchanges/activated exchanges): 40.00%

Normal Winning Trade in %: +0.28%

Normal Losing Trade in %: – 0.31%

Biggest Drawdown: – 0.88%

Normal % hazard per exchange: 0.50%

Add up to Q3 Blog Profit/Loss in %: – 0.67% on 3.00% hazard taken

Thinking back on my exchange diary, I’d say I was lovely tuned in to a great deal of the topics driving the business sectors in the previous couple of months, for the most part the enhancing financial information and fiscal arrangement fixing theory that was going on in the significant economies, and the moving danger supposition off of geopolitical dangers (e.g., North Korea’s rockets, U.S. medicinal services and duty change issues). My directional predisposition was most likely spot on with around 8 out of 11 of those thoughts, yet the outcomes were truly on how I dealt with those thoughts as far as passage and ways out.

Two winning exchanges I missed were the GBP/AUD and EUR/GBP short thoughts. In view of somewhat excessively traditionalist section focuses, I passed up a major opportunity for a few pips, particularly in GBP/AUD which had a solid 300 – 400 pip move bring down in the wake of putting my requests on that went untriggered.

At that point there were two or three exchanges that I got right, yet I shut somewhat too soon on like my EUR/JPY since quite a while ago (missed an extra 400 pip potential) and an AUD/CAD short that dropped down for about another 300 pips.

At long last, there was my NZD/JPY short, which I was quite recently level out from the get-go. Right subsequent to taking a little misfortune after an upside union breakout, the match pivoted to go my route, dropping around 600 pips throughout the following couple of months. Grrrrrrrr!!

Obviously, there were moves that I ought to have removed at an opportune time as the story changed on my like my AUD/NZD short and my EUR/NZD short. The last of the two was presumably the most noticeably bad exchange of the quarter as that was construct generally in light of a specialized setup (I was on a very basic level one-sided euro over Kiwi) AND I didn’t close it sooner as cost conflicted with me. Senseless move Pipcrawler!

To aggregate everything up, regardless of how great your are with directional inclination, timing is hard and exchange administration can be extreme with the moving topics/instability. At any rate for me it is. It’s something that I’ll presumably keep on battling with for whatever remains of my exchanging profession, however ideally I’ll keep on improving little by pretty much nothing and remain centered en route.

What do you think about my audit and how could you do in Q3 2017? It would be ideal if you share your musings in the remark box underneath. Much obliged for looking at my blog… good fortunes and great exchanging!


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