Trade Idea: Rising Triangle Break on EUR/NZD?


Got a few specialized contentions to coordinate my key long predisposition on EUR/NZD. Time for the uptrend to continue?

Rising Triangle Break on EUR/NZD?

EUR/NZD 4-HourEUR/NZD 4-Hour

I have a short basic inclination on the New Zealand dollar after a week ago’s bearish improvements for the Kiwi (potential hung parliament and gentler tone from RBNZ) and new impetuses from the current week’s weaker-than-past NZIER Business Confidence read and fall in Global Dairy Trade costs.

I’m blending this up with my bullish euro inclination, constructing it in light of the most recent and exceptionally positive European Sentiment Indicator information, which are at levels that haven’t been seen since 2007. We additionally got a more smoking than anticipated PPI number, which likely adds to the contention of the ECB fixing money related arrangement in the near future.

As far as value activity, on the four hour graph above I’m seeing a semi rising triangle setup on a current Fibonacci pullback in a more drawn out term uptrend (around 13% pick up since February 2017 lows). There’s a decent shot the pattern could continue with the fundies arranging, however with the stochastic demonstrating a smidgen of overbought conditions, I’m going to sit tight for a little pullback to go long.

Since I’m confining this on a four hour outline, I’m certainly running with my typical week after week ATR stop, while keeping my underlying focus around the September highs. This is what I’m doing:

Long half position EUR/NZD at 1.6350, max stop misfortune at 1.6050, beginning focus at 1.6650 for an underlying potential 1:1 profit for chance

I’ll be gambling just 0.5% of my record on this position and obviously, I’ll hope to make alterations if my first target is come to, and likely add to my position/move stop up to maximize the exchange since the match is in a more drawn out term uptrend.

As, recollect forget to never chance over 1% of an exchanging account on any single exchange. Modify position sizes in like manner. Make your own thoughts and don’t just take after what I do.


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